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Volunteers dedicate their time and skills to various causes, it's essential to track their contributions accurately. Log My Hours offers a compelling solution for volunteers to manage their time effectively, ensuring that their efforts have a meaningful impact.

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Demonstrate Your Impact

Volunteers are the backbone of many charitable organizations, and tracking time with Log My Hours allows you to showcase your dedication and contributions effectively. By recording your hours and tasks, you provide tangible evidence of the difference you're making in your community.

Project Tasks
Maximize Resource Allocation

Volunteer hours are a valuable resource, and organizations need to allocate them wisely. By tracking your time with Log My Hours, you help organizations identify areas where volunteers can make the most impact, leading to more effective initiatives.

Simplify Reporting

Volunteers often need to report their hours for various reasons, such as meeting grant requirements or assessing the impact of programs. Log My Hours streamlines this process by providing easy access to organized time records, simplifying reporting tasks.

Time Tracking Reports
Time Tracking For Teams

Why track time with Log My Hours?

  • Simple & easy to use (available for both Android & iPhone, along with your browser)

  • Track billable hours based on your hourly rates (no more messing around with Excel spreadsheets)

  • Import billable hours to an invoice in seconds

  • Online chat support, along with friendly & fast email support

Time Tracking Features

Projects, Tasks & Budgets

Streamline project management like never before. Create tasks with designated budgets and receive email notifications for billable items categorized by project, task, or employee.

Expense Tracking

Create and track expenses by uploading receipts to the Cloud for instant access anywhere. Import receipts to an invoice to simply and swiftly attach them to emailed invoice.


Effortlessly craft invoices in less than a minute by seamlessly importing data directly from your timesheets. Upon completion, swiftly transmit your polished invoices to clients via email, all within Log My Hours.


No more re-enterting data and double checking numbers. With Log My Hours, you can copy over your invoices and payments to QuickBooks Online instantly.

Team Management

Clearly identify which projects your team is working on and how profitable they are. Our Team page allows the managers to quick see who's working on what, and if they are being overworked.

Mobile Time Tracking

Track time from anywhere using our responsive website, browser extension or our mobile apps.

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