Employee Time Tracking

With Log My Hours, keeping track of your team's work hours is a breeze. It's not just about logging time; it's about making project management smoother and more intuitive for everyone involved.

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Log My Hours - Timesheet
Time Tracking Software for Employees

Easy Time Logging
Log My Hours simplifies the process of recording work hours, making it easy and quick for employees to log their time.

Transparent Work Records
Maintains clear and accurate records of work hours, which helps in fair and transparent payroll calculations.

Real-Time Reporting
Allows employees to generate real-time reports, giving them insights into their work patterns and productivity.

Employee Time Management with Budgets & Costs

Set Hourly Rates per Task or Employee: Employers can see the hourly rates assigned to different tasks or roles, helping them understand the financial aspects of their work and its value to the project.

Budget Awareness and Alerts: Stay informed about the project budgets. Receive alerts when nearing budget limits, fostering a deeper understanding of cost management and financial constraints..

Accurate and Transparent Billing: Log My Hours' transparency ensures that every hour worked is accurately recorded and billed, giving employees confidence that their efforts are being fairly compensated.

Project Tasks and Budgets

Time Tracking Features

Projects, Tasks & Budgets

Streamline project management like never before. Create tasks with designated budgets and receive email notifications for billable items categorized by project, task, or employee.

Expense Tracking

Create and track expenses by uploading receipts to the Cloud for instant access anywhere. Import receipts to an invoice to simply and swiftly attach them to emailed invoice.


Effortlessly craft invoices in less than a minute by seamlessly importing data directly from your timesheets. Upon completion, swiftly transmit your polished invoices to clients via email, all within Log My Hours.


No more re-enterting data and double checking numbers. With Log My Hours, you can copy over your invoices and payments to QuickBooks Online instantly.

Team Management

Clearly identify which projects your team is working on and how profitable they are. Our Team page allows the managers to quick see who's working on what, and if they are being overworked.

Mobile Time Tracking

Track time from anywhere using our responsive website, browser extension or our mobile apps.

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