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Log My Hours allows users to track time and create projects & tasks with custom billable rates.

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Why track time with Log My Hours?

  • Simple & easy to use (available for both Android & iPhone, along with your browser)
  • Track billable hours based on your hourly rates (no more messing around with Excel spreadsheets)
  • Import billable hours to an invoice in seconds
  • Online chat support, along with friendly & fast email support

Projects with Budgets & Billable Rates

Create projects & tasks set with hourly rates along with hourly or total cost budgets. Setup alerts to let you know when you are approaching your budget.

Time Tracking for Teams

Project Reporting

Create reports that break down time tracked by client & project. View the billables and export your data in PDF or Excel format.

Time Tracking Reports

Other Time Tracking Features

Customizable Projects

Powerful Invoicing

Import your billable hours and create invoices in seconds.

Customizable Projects

Chrome Extension

Manage your timesheets right from our Chrome extension. No need to open a new tab or leave your current page.

Detailed Dashboard

Detailed Dashboard

Beautifully created dashboard allows you to view all of your information at a glance.

What People Are Saying

I use this every day to keep track of my hours between consulting projects. I love how quickly I can create monthly invoices, easily make small edits before I send, and download in various formats..

Shane L.

I absolutely love this app and program. I have been looking for the timetracking program for the last 3 years and I think I've found the right one! Ive wanted timekeeping and invoicing and this does exactly that. There is even a feature on the invoice to out your time entries. Something I've been looking for, and finally found it.

Victoria Breen

This product is so easy and logically put together. You can visually see everything you're looking at in one comprehensive picture..

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