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How to use our Free Hour Calculator?

Let's go over the steps and features of our time card calculator

Calculate your daily work hours

Each line item represents one day of work. You can enter in a start time and end time in 24-hour. You can switch to 12 hour mode by clicking on the "24 Hour Format Toggle"

Deduct breaks and add in overtime with our time card calculator

Turning on the "Breaks" will allow you to enter in total unpaid break time for each day. This will be deducted from your total hours.

Enabling "Overtime" will allow you to enable the overtime feature. You can set how it's calculated. After so many hours per day and the overtime rate

Calculate pay with our time card calculator

Setting your hourly wage will calculate your total pay.

Download & print your daily timesheets from the our time card calculator

After you have entered in all your data, you can print or download your time card.

Exploring Hour Time Cards: Understanding Their Core Function

When picturing employee time cards, the initial thought may conjure up traditional scenes of paper cards marked with work hours.

Fundamentally, an employee time card serves the critical role of documenting the amount of time an employee spends working.

Though they may appear to be relics of a bygone era, time cards have seamlessly transitioned into the digital age, maintaining their relevance and importance. Their primary objective persists: to guarantee that employees receive accurate compensation for every minute of their commitment and labor. compensated for every minute they've dedicated.

Unraveling the World of Time Card Calculators

Gone are the days when manual calculations ruled the roost. Welcome to the world of the time card hour calculator!

This nifty tool, often digital, auto-computes the total hours an employee has worked. No more errors, no more lengthy calculations.

Ever wished there was a 30 minute lunch break calculator to subtract your break time? Or perhaps adding in overtime? Modern hour calculators have features like these built-in, streamlining the process and making life simpler.

Time Card

The Magic Behind Time Card Calculators: Benefits and Efficiency Gains

The magic of a time card calculator lies in its precision and convenience. You can rest easy knowing your hours are calculated flawlessly.

No more disputes about hours worked or breaks taken. Advanced features, like the biweekly timesheet calculator, transform the often tedious task of biweekly payroll into a straightforward process.

Dive deeper, and you'll find tools like the decimal time clock calculator, converting time into decimal format. An absolute boon for businesses that need to integrate time data with other software.

Perfect Fits: Who Should Consider Using a Time Card Calculator?

The versatility of a free time card calculator extends to a broad spectrum of professionals, making it an indispensable tool for various roles:

Lawyers: For legal professionals, precision in tracking billable hours directly impacts revenue. A time card calculator simplifies this process, ensuring accurate invoicing and client trust.

Freelancers: Independent contractors across fields benefit from streamlined time tracking. Whether it's for managing multiple projects or ensuring fair compensation, a free online time card calculator is a freelancer's ally in efficiency.

Accountants: Accuracy is non-negotiable for accountants. A time card calculator aids in meticulously logging hours spent on client work, contributing to precise billing and workload management.

Consultants: Time is of the essence for consultants. With a time card calculator, consultants can effortlessly record time spent on various projects, optimizing productivity and billing accuracy.

Employees: From entry-level to executives, employees can use time card calculators to transparently track their work hours, ensuring accurate pay and fostering a culture of accountability.

From solo practitioners to large-scale enterprises, the utility of a time card calculator transcends size and sector. Its features, like the biweekly timesheet calculator, transform time tracking from a tedious task into a streamlined, effective routine, catering to the needs of professionals aiming for precision and efficiency in their work.

Timesheet Reports

Create basic or detailed reports and export them to PDF, CSV & XLS formats.

Time Tracking Reports

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Time Tracking Features

Projects, Tasks & Budgets

Streamline project management like never before. Create tasks with designated budgets and receive email notifications for billable items categorized by project, task, or employee.

Expense Tracking

Create and track expenses by uploading receipts to the Cloud for instant access anywhere. Import receipts to an invoice to simply and swiftly attach them to emailed invoice.


Effortlessly craft invoices in less than a minute by seamlessly importing data directly from your timesheets. Upon completion, swiftly transmit your polished invoices to clients via email, all within Log My Hours.


No more re-enterting data and double checking numbers. With Log My Hours, you can copy over your invoices and payments to QuickBooks Online instantly.

Team Management

Clearly identify which projects your team is working on and how profitable they are. Our Team page allows the managers to quick see who's working on what, and if they are being overworked.

Mobile Time Tracking

Track time from anywhere using our responsive website, browser extension or our mobile apps.

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