Happy October! We recently launched a survey looking for user feedback. One of the most requested features was the ability to customize which project/task was preselected when you create a new timesheet.

New Timesheet Option Button
[lvca_heading style=”style3″ heading=”Timesheet Settings – Options”]

Select First Project – This will pre-select the first project on your list. This is how it has always worked in the past.

Leave Empty – This will leave both the Project and Task options blank. You will be required to select a project for every timesheet. This helps prevent you from accidentally forgetting to change the project and creating a timesheet for the First Project from the option above.

Use Last Project/Task – New timesheets will always use the last project & task used from your previous timesheet.

Select Default Project/Task – This will allow you to pre-select a Project and Task, which will always be pre-selected on a new timesheet.

For this example, we have selected the Select Default Project/Task.  Once we save and start a new timesheet, the defaulted Project and Task have been preloaded for us!

[lvca_heading style=”style3″ heading=”Feedback is always welcomed!”]

This feature was added solely because of user feedback! Feel to reach out with any suggestions you might have on how we can improve Log My Hours!

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